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At Vericred Solutions LLC, our motto is “Performance, Compliance, Security”. Experience the best service with detailed attention given to the recovery of your capital.  This high rate of recovery will never be at the expense of compliance or your data security.  We have vast experience and specialize in the following sectors:  Telecom, Medical, Student Loan, Payday Loan, Homeowners Association, and Retail.  Please click on your industry under our “Services” tab to learn more, or select the “Get in touch” tab to get in touch today!

About VeriCred Solutions LLC

Vericred Solutions LLC is a full service, licensed and bonded collection agency focused on the recovery of distressed accounts receivables. Our unique philosophy aims to return the highest dollar value possible to you, the Client, while keeping compliance and data security in line with the most stringent industry standards. As your strategic partner, we will expertly handle customer relationships and accounts receivable management with the utmost care.  We have an integrated infrastructure and an advanced range of technologies available to effectively manage any requirements you may have.  Please know that we will put forth the utmost courtesy and professionalism to honor your corporate brand and reputation.

The management team at Vericred Solutions LLC has over 85 years combined experience in the collection industry. The number one priority has always been compliance. Equally important is that we handle your customers with courtesy and respect. Unlike many traditional collection agencies and attorneys, we understand it is important to maintain a positive relationship between you, the Client, and your clientele.


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Another important advantage that sets VeriCred Solutions LLC apart from the competition is that we make use of highly sophisticated collections software. This is important for numerous reasons but primarily for YOUR data security, which intuitively organizes information in such a way so as to minimize the risk of data breach. In addition, you will have access to view any and all of your accounts through our online client portal at all times.


Our company follows all legal standards prohibiting the use of abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices during debt collection. Under the Act, VeriCred  Solutions LLC promotes fair accounts receivable management, adheres to professional business conduct, and respects the rights of customers.

Additionally, we also utilize the “Association of Credit and Collection Professionals” (ACA) comprehensive resources to stay up-to-date on all state and federal regulations regarding debt collection compliance.

This organization strives to clearly signify the rights and responsibilities of debt collection agencies and is widely recognized as the industry leader for regulations and compliance.

Finally, the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau (CFPB) oversees the review of complaints against debt collection companies. VeriCred Solutions LLC follows through with the required legal standards and rules to make sure we are fair to our clients and their customers.

Our entire accounts receivable staff is educated on all applicable regulations and receive regular, ongoing training.  VeriCred Solutions LLC maintains all required licensing for the states we collect in.

VeriCred Solutions LLC is registered with and compliant with the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) #1661185.

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